How does it work?
Anywhere in the world!  As long as we can work out a mutual phone time, I'll support you wherever you are in the world.  Creativity is a magical quality of the human spirit, and I want to celebrate your work wherever modern technology brings us together.
The Coaching Relationship:
working together from anywhere in the world
How do we get started?  We'll start with a free phone consultation to see if creativity coaching is right for you.  Send me an email, and we'll set up a time to talk for half an hour about your projects and your desire to bring more creativity into your life.
What will we do together?  We'll proceed month by month.  In the first month we'll build our working relationship around weekly phone sessions.  In between phone sessions, we'll have unlimited email contact while you plan, ponder, question, and complain. This contact is very important as you make a new commitment to your creative goals. It's all part of taking yourself seriously, and I'll support you all the way.  In succeeding months, we'll work out a plan that works best for you.  Your progress is always at the center of our work.